Hello!  Welcome to Every September. 

I'm Louise.  I help creative businesses get online - whether for the first time, or with a fresh, updated website.  My clients are talented, creative people but working out the tech side of their business is often just not their thing. 

I recommend Squarespace as the platform for your website because I love it, use it myself (that goes without saying really!) and promise that it's not impossible to use once you're set free to look after your new website yourself.

By asking me to create your website on Squarespace you’ll be giving yourself back time and space to concentrate on the parts of your business that you love the most. You’ll have the confidence that you are using a system that behaves itself and that you’re equipped with the right tools to make the very most of your presence online. And it goes without saying that your virtual shop window will look beautiful.

I’ve learnt that many of my clients would like help and advice more generally about their business once we’ve ticked off the beautiful website from the list. So I offer mentoring to creative business owners too. Practical, down to earth and uncomplicated is the approach we take together. There’s lots more detail on the mentoring page so see you over there.