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Your creative business is a massive part of your life.  You’re passionate about pushing it forward but you’re a one-woman-band and there’s so much to do and so little time it seems!  Designing, making, photographing, marketing, researching, posting on social media, blogging, purchasing, selling, packaging, dispatching, dealing with customers, accounting… Oh and that website.  The one that takes so long to update or never quite looks how you’d hoped or imagined?  And then needs another update or plugin?  

Or maybe you haven’t got a website at all - you’re relying on selling your products on other marketplace platforms and losing out on part of each sale in commission.



Imagine a website that reflects your brand, looks just the way you’ve always imagined, is contemporary but not trendy.  

It showcases your products and your blog posts beautifully.  You’re not spending hours faffing with tiny tweaks that just make your site work the way it should.  And you’re not underwhelmed with the result - you love your new website and are super proud to have it as the front door to your online business or blog.

i can help you with that.

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Introducing my Squarespace website design package:

a custom website design package that gives you the website that you want for your business

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i’m now booking for a march 2019 start

This may seem a long way off but there’s lots for you to have ready first!

If you’d like to find out more, just complete the form below and I’ll email you full details of my Squarespace website design service and what’s involved.

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This package is perfect for existing businesses as well as brand new ones.  So whether you have a website you’re keen to update or want to launch your new website for the first time.  You have a clear direction in your mind for your business but your current website (or lack of a website!) is stopping you from taking the next step.

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