Squarespace in a Day

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Next workshop: September 2019 - date TBC

Venue: The Hero Creative Space, Stockbridge, Hampshire

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what is squarespace in a day?

Squarespace in a Day is a six hour face to face workshop in which I will take you through the steps to design your own website.  And you’ll be designing that website as we go!

You’ll leave with a five page website which will be well on its way to being ready to publish or you may choose to add further pages with your new found Squarespace skills. 

build your own website

In this workshop I will show you how to build your own website using Squarespace, my absolute favourite website platform. If you’ve never heard of Squarespace, well it’s what I use for this website and all of my client websites. It’s suitable for a wide range of businesses, blogs and websites and is perfect for creating a beautiful, modern site that’s also really easy for you to maintain and add to later on.

is this workshop for me?

If you’ve been meaning to get your website sorted out for ages but just haven’t got around to it, then this is the workshop for you! This hands on workshop will give you the skills, tips and confidence to find your way around Squarespace, build your own website and make changes to it in the future. And if you need a blog or an online shop as part of your site too, I’ll be covering those elements as well.

Squarespace in a Day is ideal if you’re a small business owner or blogger and would like some guidance and a live walk through of the website building process. It’ll enable you to turn around your new website quickly and, more importantly, with confidence that you’re doing it right!

Thanks so much for a brilliant day, you have certainly given us so much inspiration and help to take our websites further
— Lucy
Squarespace in a Day Workshop

what will i need to bring?

You’ll be building your own website live on the day so you will need to bring a laptop so that you can sign into Squarespace.  Ideally you’ll also have some images saved on your computer that you would like to use on your website as well as some text for your website pages.  If that fills you with panic then don’t worry!  I’ll tell you where to find beautiful, free stock images during the workshop and if you need to fill your site with ‘lorem ipsum’ placeholder text for the time being then that’s fine too!

what will i get?

 In advance of the workshop I’ll provide you with clear instructions about what you need to do ready for the day.  I’ll set you up with a brand new Squarespace account which will give you a six month free trial (usually it’s just 14 days) so you’ll have plenty of time afterwards to make any more tweaks to your site before it launches. You’ll receive 20% off your first year when you sign up to a Squarespace billing plan (which you don’t need to do until you’re ready for your site to go public!). 

After the workshop you’ll have access to my collection of tutorial videos to refresh your memory.  It will be a lot to take in on the day so this part is vital I find!

anything else?

Because of the way this workshop runs there will be a small number of participants.  You will need to be able to keep up on the day so if you are not comfortable using your computer and finding your way around it.  I will of course be right there to help you but I will need to divide my time equally between everybody to be fair to all. If you’re unsure whether this workshop is right for you then please do get in touch with any questions or concerns.

Please note that once a booking has been made, no refunds can be given.

the cost

Squarespace in a Day costs £145 per person. Book your place by clicking the button below.

the venue & timings

The workshop takes place in the beautiful Creative Space at Hero in Stockbridge, Hampshire and runs from 10am until 4.30pm. Copious amounts of tea and coffee will be available as well as a little sweet sustenance to keep us all going! Lunch is not provided but we will break for half an hour for lunch so that you can have a wander up the High Street and some fresh air.

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