What is aPower Hour?

During a 60 minute Power Hour session, you can ask me anything (almost!) and we can run through a variety of questions or problems which may not fit neatly into the other services that I offer. So whether it’s a few changes to your website that you’d like to run through live with me on the call or you want to chat through your options for email marketing or your new online course, then book yourself in for a Power Hour and we can get those questions answered or problems fixed!

The Power Hour will take place over video call so I can share my screen with you. The call will be recorded so that you can have the video to refer back to.

Power Hours cost £100 per 60 minute video call.

What can we cover?

It’s pretty much anything goes but here are a few suggestions:

  • Squarespace - niggles, troubleshooting, areas that you just don’t understand, minor changes that I can work through with you on the call

  • Email marketing - if you have no clue where to start, you don’t know which platform to choose, you’d like to switch platforms and want to work out how to go about it - just a few examples of email marketing questions that I can cover

  • Project management software - I’m talking tools like Asana, Trello, ClickUp. I can give you a whizz through some of these softwares or we can talk through the options available to you and what might work best for you

  • Dubsado - if you’re thinking of switching to Dubsado and have questions, or would like me to give you a run through if you are already stuck

  • Online course setup - if you are setting up an online course and want to know how you can actually bring the course to life online, I can run through some of the most popular options with you. Or if you’ve started setting up on one platform, I can help you if you are stuck

  • Systems & tools for your business - I can help you work out what systems & tools you could get in place to make your business run more smoothly

How does it work?


Choose a date and time from the calendar below. Payment is made when you book and you’ll receive confirmation of the date and time of the video call.


I’ll send you a few questions about what you’d like to cover during the video call to make sure that you get the most out of the hour.


Just before our call time I’ll send you a link for the video call - you just need to click through when it’s time for your Power Hour!

Book your Power Hour below