I offer mentoring to fellow creative business owners like you who need some extra help and who may be feeling a little stuck. My aim is to help you find your way through all of the things, all of the ‘should dos’, to work out what really works for you and your business. And all the while, trying to keep it uncomplicated.

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If any of the following sound familiar, mentoring may be for you:

  • You have a brilliant idea (or several ideas) for a business but just have no clue where to start

  • You’ve started your business but feel stuck and want to move forward from “just starting out” to “properly up and running”

  • You’d like help to get a plan of action in place

  • You are overwhelmed with all the things on the list - that never-ending list

  • There’s so much ‘advice’ out there that you find it becomes confusing and overwhelming knowing who to listen to

  • You are lacking focus and don’t know where to put your attention first

  • Your confidence has dipped because everyone on Instagram is doing so bloomin’ brilliantly it seems

  • You are not confident with technology and the thought of mastering all the tech that seems to be involved in running a business is terrifying

  • You’d like someone to run ideas past so that you can move forward, confident that you are going in the right direction

  • You’d like to check in with someone every couple of weeks

  • You need someone to hold you accountable

  • You need a regular ‘kick up the bum’ (in a friendly way of course!) to keep you going

  • You don’t want to keep relying on your own instinct all of the time and some friendly support would give you a boost

  • You’d like to take the next big step or leap of faith in your business but something is holding you back

  • You’re just feeling a little bit lost with your business

  • You’d like someone to listen to you who gets it and who’s not your partner, spouse or other family member!

  • There are so many decisions to make and it’s all got too complicated

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Mentoring is not a question of me saying
‘do X and I guarantee Y will happen’



There are no guarantees or quick fixes.  But I will help you get a plan in place to get you unstuck and moving forward in the direction that you’d like to go.  My approach is not to be bossy and tell you what you ‘must do’ to make it work - you need encouragement not someone being shouty!

I’m very practical and mentoring from me is not going to be hugely ‘woo woo’.  However, there are times when we all need a bit of a pep talk and to be a lot more positive about our own abilities, so there will be some of that too if it’s needed!

We’ve all chosen to run our own businesses for a reason - each of our reasons are likely to be unique but also overlapping.  I feel strongly that we should all be able to run our businesses so that they do not take over our lives completely and a good start is to make things less complicated.  Part of me could happily work on my business full time seven days a week because I love what I do. But I know I shouldn't, for so many reasons, so I am always keeping in mind ways to try to make my life and business uncomplicated.  


Why am I qualified to be your mentor?


I have been running my own businesses since 2010.  I haven’t made my millions but I have started four businesses from scratch.  Three of those businesses are still going (but only two are owned by me now as I sold my first business, Lolly & Boo, earlier this year).  I have learnt an awful lot over the last eight years.  Not just about what is involved in running a business (and juggling multiple businesses and family life) but also the effect it can have on us as individuals.  

Working for yourself can be so rewarding and I wouldn’t change it for the world but it is extremely hard sometimes.  There’s no denying it.  Working from home is also wonderful but the flip side is that it can be lonely with every day looking the same.  We can also be terrible at setting boundaries and switching off from our business - the lack of commute is a major upside but the downside is that we can be drafting emails sat in bed at night, rather than letting it wait until the next morning. 

I get it.

I have run both product based businesses and service based businesses so I know about the practicalities and challenges of both.

I am also a qualified solicitor and have been helping clients (individuals not faceless corporations!) and providing advice for the last 15 years.  I have no intention of providing you with legal advice you'll be pleased to know, but I have a lot of experience in getting to the heart of the issue quickly and offering practical steps to improve things.


How will it work?

So this is what happens:

I will be your mentor for a three month period and during that time we will have five 60 minute calls together - in weeks 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12.  I’ll listen to whatever it is you want to talk about during each call and we will set tasks and goals for you to get to work on before we next speak.  Each call will be recorded so you have it to refer back to as time goes on.  As the weeks go on we will review how you are progressing with each aspect.

In between our calls, you’re free to send me an email if there’s something that you’d like some help with before we next speak, or you’d just like some reassurance or encouragement about it.


The cost

My three month mentoring package is £600 and I have spaces available for a January 2019 start.

What next?

If you are interested in booking, please click the button below.

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