Dubsado Setup


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Dubsado is a fantastic CRM software suited to a multitude of service based small businesses. However, you do need to spend some time finding your way around and setting it up fully for your business! And that’s not surprising because it can do so much. If you’re struggling with setting up Dubsado or don’t have the time to spend on it, then I can help.

I offer a full Dubsado setup service to take you from an empty account to a fully functioning CRM system for your business.

The service includes:

  • brand settings & client portal setup

  • email connection, calendar integration and payment processor setup

  • setup of up to 12 forms to include any combination of contracts, proposals, questionnaires, lead capture

  • up to 4 packages (your offerings)

  • setup of 2 payment schedules

  • input of your canned emails

  • setup of 2 scheduler templates

  • setup of 2 workflows

If some of these terms don’t mean anything to you then I will explain all during our 30 minute discovery call when we start work together! At the end of the project I’ll give you a tour of your own Dubsado account via recorded Zoom call and give you some Dubsado confidence during our one hour training session.

If you’re a designer, photographer, calligrapher, stationer, event or wedding planner, coach or VA then Dubsado can be a great asset to your team, even if that’s a team of one (like me!). In fact it’s like having an extra team member who progresses leads through to paying clients seamlessly, letting you get on with the work that you’re passionate about.

To get started book a free 20 minute enquiry call by clicking the button below: