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Getting ready for a new website: what to do in advance

Whether you’re hiring someone to design your new website or you’re going to do it yourself, you need to get organised before the work on the new site starts.  This post sets out the things that I’d suggest you have ready or think about before the start date - it will make life much easier when the website is being put together and should also speed up the process.

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On being 40 in business - not a boss babe

In February 2018 I started a new business, in an area that’s pretty new to me.  I’m a Squarespace website designer.  I also do modern calligraphy and sell cards and prints; make and sell lampshades; am a wife and mum to two girls, and just about manage to run the house.  Nothing unusual there really - we’re all juggling our lives to some extent or other.

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