Why you should use rich pins on Pinterest & how to set them up on your Squarespace website

why you should use rich pins and how to set them up

What are rich pins?

Rich pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a pin.  This information is metadata from the page on the website that the pin is pinned from.

There are four types of rich pin: app, recipe, product and article. 

  • App pins include an install button so an app can be downloaded from within Pinterest.

  • Recipe pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving sizes.

  • Product rich pins provide real time information on pricing, availability and where to buy the product.

  • Article rich pins show a headline, the author and a story description - so they are perfect for showing off blog posts to their best on Pinterest.

So the most relevant to many blogs and product based businesses are article rich pins and product rich pins.

Once you have applied for rich pins (and been approved by Pinterest, which is a simple process - see below) any content on your website with metadata will turn into a rich pin when it is pinned to Pinterest.  The information is not dependent on the pin description which means that it is always tied to the pin as it sits on the pinners’ boards and gets repined.

How to set up rich pins

It’s really very straightforward to set up rich pins from your Squarespace website.  Just follow the steps below - which take a matter of minutes - and you’ll be away!

  1. First, go to the Pinterest rich pins validator where you will see some instructions. Basically you need to enter the url of one of your blog posts or product pages into the box and click validate. You can pick any post or product but to avoid any problems choose one that has already been pinned at least once. After you click the validate button you should see a confirmation message that your url has been validated.

  2. Next you will see the option to be able to apply for rich pins. Make sure that HTML tags is selected and click Apply Now. That’s it!

  3. You should receive an email from Pinterest within a couple of hours or so confirming that your application for rich pins has been approved. After that your pins will show the extra information that rich pins include.

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