How to upload & host your freebies on your Squarespace website

How to host files on Squarespace with video tutorial and pdf instruction sheet


There are times when you may want to upload a file to Squarespace to be hosted there. For example, if you’ve made a freebie pdf you want a place to keep it so that you can let your subscribers have a link for them to get access to it and download for their own use. This is where hosting files on Squarespace comes in very handy because you can give the file it’s own URL (or web address) and that’s the link you can give to your subscribers.

You can follow the steps in my video below or if you’d rather read than watch, I’ve listed the steps under the video.  If you’d like to download the instructions you’ll find them in The Library - my resource library exclusively for email subscribers - you can get access here.

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follow the steps below to host files on squarespace:

  1. In the Squarespace back end, go to pages.

  2. Add a new not linked page and choose ‘folder’ for the page type. Name it something meaningful, eg “freebies”.

  3. Click add page under the folder name and choose “link”.

  4. In the link box, enter a meaningful name for the file you’re about to upload. It’s just for your own reference.

  5. Click the black pane which says ‘click to add URL’. Then choose ‘files’.

  6. On the new file tab, click ‘add a file’ and find your file on your computer. Make sure the file name is in bold which means it’s selected.

  7. The URL that Squarespace gives to each file is determined by the name of the file that you upload. If you would like to change it, you can click the pencil icon to the right of your file in the list. Type in the new name and press enter.

  8. I usually choose ‘open in new window’. Click save.

  9. In the list of not linked pages on the left hand side, hover over the name of your link and click on the cog icon. In the black link pane you’ll then see the end of the URL that has been given to the file by Squarespace. Select and copy it by pressing cmd + C on a Mac or ctrl + C on a PC.

  10. Open a new browser tab. Type in your domain name and then press cmd + V (or ctrl + V) to paste. So you’ll be entering This is the full URL of the freebie and what you will give to your subscribers.

  11. Press enter.

  12. Your freebie file should appear on screen and this is how it will appear to your subscribers when they click on the link that you will give them. Squarespace convert that URL to a much longer one which begins with ‘static1’… . This also works if you choose to provide this as the URL/link for your subscribers.

  13. To add another freebie, just click add page under the freebies folder that you created in step 2 and repeat the above steps.

  14. If you ever choose to change the name of the file as I mentioned in step 7, and you do it after you have created the link, make sure you update the URL that you give to your subscribers.

if you’d like to download an instruction sheet with these steps, you’ll find it in the library. That’s my resource library which is exclusively for my email subscribers - you can sign up for access here.