7 beautiful script fonts to use in your business

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Beautiful fonts are a thing close to my heart. I can spend a very long time browsing on places like Creative Market, on my quest for the perfect fonts. A few years ago I fell in love with calligraphy and for a while had dreams of designing my own fonts. I never did manage that and now happily leave it to the experts to produce the vast array of gorgeous fonts out there!

In this post I'm showing you 7 of my favourite script fonts. If you’re looking for a script font for branding, your website, stationery or social media, you’ll love this selection.

I'll tell you now that they are all paid fonts from Creative Market. Of course it is possible to download all sorts of script fonts for free from a wide array of websites but beware, free fonts are almost always for personal use only.

So if you're searching for fonts for your blog, website or anything business related, you need to make sure you have a commercial licence, which you'll have to pay for. Even if they offer a free personal licence, font designers expect to be paid for their fonts if they’re being used for commercial use, which is totally fair enough after all!

And, full disclosure, if you purchase any of these fonts via the links in this post, I will receive a small reward for sharing them.

OK, so here's my rundown of seven of my favourite script fonts which can be used in so many ways in your business:


First up is Canyonlands, which is a hand-lettered font by Luna Paper Co and is described as a casual chic script font. I love this, especially the exaggerated loops on letters like d, g, l and y.

Julietta is a very pretty script font , also by Luna Paper Co. It comes with a fab set of ligatures and swashes which you can see below

I just love La Paloma by Callie Hegstrom. It’s elegant and relaxed at the same time, and I can’t get enough of those big swashes!

Oh Darling is by PeachCreme and is such a sweet script font. It looks a little different from the others I’ve shown you as it’s monoline (so every part of the letter is the same thickness). And look at those gorgeous, extended swashes!

The image above feels a little too Christmassy as I write this but I have always loved Poppit & Finch by Nicky Laatz. It’s a font duo - script and sans fonts. And just look at the beautiful, whimsical hand drawn illustrations that come with the font - there are 100s included.

I just love the hand lettering used to make this font. And that S! Santorini is by PeachCreme and is perfection as far as I’m concerned.

Tuesday is a bold, fun hand lettered script font by Teela Cunningham of Every Tuesday. Teela also has a fantastic font making online course if you’d like to learn how to design your own fonts.

So there you go, seven of my favourite script fonts. My only issue is that they’re all so lovely I struggle to narrow down my selection! I hope you find it easier to be a little more decisive…