On starting September slower than planned & trying to be organised

starting september slower and trying to be organised

I thought I would be diving headlong into September full of inspiration and motivation.  But on day one of being home alone without the children last week, I found myself pretty much aimless.  A combination of feeling a bit lost (what? I’d been waiting for this day for the last two weeks!) and almost having too much time on my hands I think.  My conclusion on that day, just go with it.  One day is going to make little difference in the overall scheme of things and there is no point in forcing yourself to be inspired or creative - those things definitely have to come naturally.

Since that day I gradually picked up the pace but I’m definitely not back up to full productivity.  From talking to others I realised I wasn't alone with the struggle of the first week back - which is reassuring at least!

But now I feel that I am getting back into it.  I'm getting my head around the fact that I have five days a week to get stuck in, rather than the odd few hours here and there, as it is for many of us during the holidays.  So perhaps the September excitement has hit for me a week into the month, rather than on the 1st, now that I have the headspace to look forwards.  I was starting to get a little worried that the Every September feeling I always relish and look forward to was not going to show up for me this year!!

One thing that I have given some thought to over the last couple of weeks is how to make my multi-hyphenate (to coin Emma Gannon’s phrase) existence less complicated.  I have realised that I am often guilty of making things more difficult than they need to be.  A prime example - because I am a little obsessed when it comes to apps and tools that help me run my business, I will happily spend (read ‘waste’) hours signing up for and trying out a whole host of organisational tools.  I mean things like Asana and Trello.  Don’t get me wrong, they are brilliant apps but are just too sophisticated and clever for what I need most of the time.  I do use Asana to organise some of my client projects but for every day use, honestly, I just need a decent to-do list.

So now my system is pretty uncomplicated.  I do use one app on my phone - Wunderlist - which is perfect for things I mustn’t forget (because I forget everything) and need a reminder to pop up at the right time.  For everything else - the daily to-do list/plan/notes as I’m sat at my desk, I use my paper day planner.  I also have a week planner nearby and the month planner goes on the wall.  They’re not meant to be rigid but because it’s always to hand and in sight, I do use them and it keeps everything in one place.  In theory, the picture of organisation.  In reality, for me that is very unlikely but this definitely helps!

I’ve designed my own planners and if you’d like a set for yourself you can download them for free from The Library.  It’s where I put all of my resources exclusively for my email subscribers to have access to.  If you’d like to have a look around, you can sign up for access here.