How to get a Squarespace discount

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Everybody loves a discount don’t they! However, unlike many companies, Squarespace aren’t in the habit of offering varying discounts from time to time. The good news is that the discounts they do offer are always available, so it’s good to know you’re not likely to miss out if you don’t ‘act now’!

There are 4 ways to get a discount with Squarespace and here they are:

  1. 10% off

    There’s 10% off any Squarespace plan using the code GIMME10. Squarespace say quite clearly that this percentage off doesn’t vary - there isn’t a larger general discount available. So if you can’t take advantage of any of the discounts below, this is the one to go for.

  2. 20% off

    If you choose to work with a Squarespace Circle member on your new website you can get 20% off the first year of an annual plan. Circle members, like me, usually offer Squarespace websites as part of their business. It’s a kind of Squarespace community and you need to have built three sites to be eligible to join. An annual plan gives you a good discount anyway (compared with paying monthly) so combined with this extra 20% off, it’s a good saving. You can see prices for all four billing plans here. There’s no code for this one - the discount is applied automatically as long as your site is set up by a Circle member.

  3. 20% off - again!

    You can also get a 20% discount through a Squarespace Authorised Trainer. So if you get some help or training from an Authorised Trainer (whether that’s via an online course or face to face workshop) they’ll be able to get you 20% off too for a year. Much like the Circle discount above.

  4. 50% off

    The best saving is available for students or, to be precise, anyone who has a college or university email address. To check eligibility, go to and check whether your college or uni is registered. And it’s not just American ones - I checked mine and it was part of the scheme (not that I’ve had a uni email address for nearly 20 years!). It doesn’t include schools though. The discount is only available on annual plans but you can use it against up to three sites under one account, which is a great saving.

    If yours isn’t listed, just click “my school isn’t listed” and ask Squarespace to add it to the list. Well worth a try for such a big discount!

    Find full details of the Squarespace education programme here.

So there you go, with at least 10% off to be had, I hope this has been helpful! If you’d like to share this post to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, I’d love you to. Just click the blue share buttons below.