How to host files on your Squarespace website

How to host files on Squarespace with video tutorial and pdf instruction sheet


Whilst it’s easy to host your files in Google Drive or something similar, you may want to upload your files to your Squarespace website and host them there instead.  

If you want to host files on Squarespace - images or pdfs - there are just a few steps to set up a page where all of the files you want can be uploaded.  

You can follow the steps in my video below or if you’d rather read than watch, I’ve listed the steps under the video.  And you can download a pdf containing the instructions by clicking here.

watch the video now >>

follow the steps below to host files on squarespace:

  1. In the Squarespace back end, go to pages

  2. Add a new not linked page and name it something meaningful, eg “hosted files”

  3. Before editing or adding anything to the page, press the settings cog next to the page name and uncheck the ‘enabled’ box so that the page is hidden from public view. The page name will be greyed out in the list

  4. Click on the page name and edit page content

  5. To host an image: Click the + sign and choose image. Add your image in the usual way. Click apply and then save to finish editing the page

  6. Right click on the image and click ‘copy image address’. This is the URL for the image. You can then link to it as you need to

  7. To host a pdf: Click the + sign and choose text. In the text box type any wording you like (but it makes sense for it to relate to the pdf you’re going to upload!)

  8. Select the text and click the link icon

  9. In the link window, click files. Then choose existing file or new file. If it is an existing file, choose your pdf from the list of files and once its showing in bold, it’s selected

  10. Check Open in New Window

  11. Click away from the box and save

  12. Right click on the link text and click ‘copy link address’. This is the URL for the PDF and you can link to it wherever you need to

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