A Little Motivation For You - Help Yourself to My Free Phone Wallpapers

Last weekend I started a mini collection of phone wallpapers that I designed and then put on my Instagram Stories for anyone to download to their phone. And now you can download them right here too!

To download any (or all!) of these mobile wallpapers, on a computer just right click on the image and save it to your computer. If you’re on a phone, just hold your finger down on the image and then save image. Or you can go to my Instagram and screenshot whichever ones you like from my Wallpapers Stories highlights.

I absolutely love this script font and I’ve picked some very down to earth, motivating words!

So here goes, I hope you like them:

keep going phone wallpaper
one step at a time phone wallpaper
be you not them phone wallpaper
keep it simple phone wallpaper
celebrate every tiny victory phone wallpaper