Every September : Why I changed the name of my business


If you’re new to Every September you may not realise that, until July 2018, this business was called Louise Maidment Creative.  When I announced the new name, I promised I would be writing a blog post to explain how I came to make the change and why I’ve called my business Every September.

The story begins in Yorkshire.

In June I went to a two day workshop in Yorkshire.  That’s quite a hike from Wiltshire but my fellow adventurer Laura (of @herostockbridge) kindly drove so I had the relaxing part of the five hour journey.  We were off to The Brand Stylist’s Creative Flair workshop at beautiful Middleton Lodge in Middleton Tyas near Richmond. 

This isn’t a review of that amazing two days but suffice to say, when you’ve spent a lot of money on a workshop you can but hope that it is going to be worthwhile.  I can honestly say that Creative Flair was completely life changing for my business (and me).  Fiona Humberstone is just brilliant at what she does, and infectiously inspiring!  Middleton Lodge is also an absolute gem of a place to eat and stay.

So I came home from Yorkshire with a very different outlook for my business and I had one task to get on with straight away.  Louise Maidment Creative was to lose the “Creative” and also to get a facelift in terms of my brand colours.  Louise Maidment quickly took shape with a new tag line - “Beautiful Websites” - in its lovely new fonts and grey blue and pale pink colours.  I was so pleased and excited with the new look and bursting to get all of the other changes made in the coming weeks.  And that was to be that for the foreseeable future at least.

Until, that is, I saw a photo one evening with the word ‘September’ in it.  And suddenly it came to me.  I love September and the feeling I have about my life and business each September.  I couldn’t get the name ‘Each September’ out of my head.

After a couple of days of mulling it over - should it be ‘each’, should it be ‘every’? - ‘each’ started to sound jarring and I was set on Every September.  Full steam ahead into another new logo design!  But I kept the colour palette.

I’m so excited about the shift my business has taken.  Everything has fallen into place whereas before the look and feel just didn’t quite sit right.  And now I realise why - it just wasn’t me.  Of course your business doesn’t have to represent you or be aligned to you personally but for me, it is so much more natural for my business to be an extension of me.  Before, it was all a bit bold and shouty.  And now it’s much more beautiful and calm.  More grown up.

Not that I’m saying I’m beautiful and calm and never shouty: my children would definitely disagree on the shouty front on occasions!

So the reason. 

As I said, I love September, my favourite month (and the month I got married).  It’s such a wonderful time of the year, full of promise for the months ahead after a fun and busy summer.  It’s that back to school feeling, like a new year, with lots to do and exciting plans to get on track after the distraction of the summer holidays and time away.  I find it a truly positive time and I know I’m not alone in that.  The weather can still be great and autumn proper is a long way off.  It’s time to get moving forward again.

And I want to help my clients have that positive, every September feeling about their business, every day.