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On being 40 in business - not a boss babe

In February 2018 I started a new business, in an area that’s pretty new to me.  I’m a Squarespace website designer.  I also do modern calligraphy and sell cards and prints; make and sell lampshades; am a wife and mum to two girls, and just about manage to run the house.  Nothing unusual there really - we’re all juggling our lives to some extent or other.

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Launching this business - learning a lesson or two

Quite unlike me, I built up to launching Bloom Lettering in a very ordered and pretty structured way.  Usually, and what I've done in the past, is to rush head long into launching a website with no real plan. This time it has had to be different - yes, I could have published a website three months ago but it would have been completely empty!  I literally had nothing ready.  As a consequence I've realised a few things and accepting them has made the whole process much less painful.

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