A super simple thing that helped me with overwhelm

At the beginning of April I was lucky to go to the brilliant Big Small Business conference in Winchester.  After spending the day listening to so many inspiring speakers, with the brilliant Kristina Karlsson (who is the founder of Kikki K) as the keynote speaker, I came away buzzing with inspiration and ideas!

In my mind at the moment are various ideas for future projects and new directions to take my business(es) and I’m trying my best not to rush into anything and to plan out exactly what I’m going to do.  I’ve also read my first couple of business books – She Means Business by Carrie Green is fantastic – and am listening to as many podcasts as I can squeeze into the school run car journey (on the part without the children in the car!).  So I’m lapping up as much brilliant information as I can get my hands on.

Having lots of ideas is super exciting but over the last week I think I tipped the balance towards making me feel overwhelmed, unfocused and chaotic!  There was so much whizzing around my head but I didn’t know where to start and it got to the point that I put off doing any of it which made me feel frustrated.

In the end I just need to start writing things down and I started a very simple list with two headings: “Most important” and “Not so important”.  In each column I wrote the things that were the most important to me at the time or less important and could be put on the back burner for a few days or a couple of weeks.  Obviously not rocket science but just dividing up all of those mini projects into the two columns made me focus on what I needed or wanted to do as a priority, and I took the pressure off myself with the “Not so important” column as those items could wait.  As ever, being able to cross things off the important half of my list was really satisfying and it has really helped me to get back on track these last few days.

important list.jpg


So, hardly revolutionary but it’s really reminded me to get things down on paper and out of my head, to slow down and work it all out at a slightly more steady pace!